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How to Prepare for Your Hunt on Kodiak Island

How to Prepare for Your Hunt on Kodiak Island Kodiak Island hunts include a wide variety of game, ranging from Sitka black-tailed deer, caribou, mountain goats and even the infamous Kodiak bear. However, there are a few things you should know about your hunt on Kodiak Island: Weather conditions Physical preparedness Protection from animals Suggested […]

Krimson’s Kodiak Brown Bear Story

Before the Hunt The excitement of my Kodiak Brown Bear hunt actually began at the 2017 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo (WHCE). As you may know, Alaska draw results are released that same weekend- often leaving hunters buzzing with anticipation. Each hunter anxiously waits for the results to find out if they will experience the […]

Hunting Kodiak Brown Bear

Bear hunting can be a very controversial topic. However, hunting bear on Kodiak island is completely necessary. Those who are offended by hunting are often uneducated about it. Without having the facts, it is impossible to form an educated opinion. So, first and foremost, let’s lay out some cold, hard facts about bear hunting on […]