A trip with Kodiak Safaris

Whether you are hunting or fishing – here is what you can expect while visiting Kodiak Safaris! What we provide, what you must provide, a suggested gear list, things you should know, etc!

If you’re reading this, you probably know that my family runs a hunting and fishing lodge on Kodiak Island, called Kodiak Safari’s. I’ve grown up at the lodge, and now as an adult, I help run the business. So, as an experienced “lodger,” I’m going to give you the run down on exactly what you can expect during a trip with us. Additionally, I’m sharing some valuable insight into Alaskan hunting and fishing in areas, outside of Kodiak.

Hunting and Fishing Packages:
At Kodiak Safari’s, we offer all-inclusive 5 day/5 night packages for hunting and fishing. Typically, guests arrive the day before their adventure begins, then spend the full 5 days hunting or fishing. On the evening on the 5th day, clients are all packed up and ready to head home. Alternatively, guests have the option to arrive the morning of their first day, so that they can kick back and relax at the lodge on their last evening. How ever guests prefer to schedule is completely okay with us!

From the second guests arrive, we take care of mostly everything they need. However, there are a few important items that guests are responsible for: airfare to Kodiak, licenses and tags, and alcoholic beverages (if desired).

Getting to Kodiak Safaris

Most guests prefer traveling to Kodiak through Alaska Airlines (they have jet service directly into Kodiak).

We encourage our guests to only bring one bag to avoid extra bag fees when traveling home with fish/venison.

1st bag = $30
2nd = $40
addition bags are $100 a bag

If you are Alaska resident or Club 49 member, you typically are allowed 2-3 free bags. Also keep in mind, the airline also charges an $100 overage fee for bags over 50 lbs.

Luckily, our Alaskan airports are very accustomed to shipping/holding frozen goods!

Once guests land in Kodiak, they walk directly across from the airport terminal to Island Air. This is where you check in for your final flight. Island Air is a small air carrier that transports guests from Kodiak to Larsen Bay. The short flight is approximately 30 minutes and costs $115 per person for a one way ticket. Reservations for this flight are made about a week before travel.

For reservations, contact Island Air at 1-800-478-6196. You can also contact us and we can make this reservation for you.

Once you land you Larsen Bay, we will be there to pick you up and take care of you for the full 5 days!

A Day in the Life as a Guest at Kodiak Safaris

Fishing Season (June-September):
Every morning, guests are served breakfast before heading out for the day’s adventure- most days, by me! Breakfast is getting started at 7am and you are fishing by 8am.

During the fishing season, guests spend an 8 hour day on the water fishing for Halibut, all 5 species of Salmon, Yellow Eye, Pacific Cod, Rockfish, Ling Cod & more. You will also be picking the pots for Tanner Crab for a fresh seafood dinner!

Note: all fish caught is packaged and frozen for guests.

After a long day on the water, we head back to the lodge where a warm meal awaits. The rest of the evening is spent lounging at the lodge, in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness.

Note: if requested, we are happy to cook your fresh daily catch!

Hunting Season: (October-December)
During the hunting season, guests are transported to and from the hunting grounds daily. Guests spend the day hunting Sitka black-tailed deer. Note: hunting hours are determined by hours of daylight. Most guests prefer to take advantage of our “Cast and Blast” special by adding some fishing, duck hunting, and crabbing to their hunting week. Duck hunting opportunities include Harlequin, Golden Eyes and Long-Tailed ducks; be sure to bring a shotgun and ammo if ducks are on your to-do list.

Hunting guests are also allowed two fox with the purchase of hunting licenses. Luckily, they are commonly seen during deer hunts.

What to Bring

We encourage guests to pack lightly so that you can take your fish home and avoid additional baggage fees. Most guests won’t need more than 3-4 sets of clothes. Outdoor temperatures can range from 50-80 degrees during the Summer. However, it can get a little chilly, so we recommend bringing a warm change of clothes or layers, like long sleeves and hoodies. Or, guests are always welcome to purchase a Krimson Trail hoodie at the lodge.

On the other hand, rain gear is always a must! The weather on Kodiak can be very unpredictable. It often changes fast, so you always want to be prepared for the chance of rain. Rain gear and boots can be provided, but most bring their own. Click here for a few affordable recommendations.

Since our hunts are not guided, guests are required to bring all their necessary gear and equipment. Below is a suggested packing list & recommendations.
Disclaimer: This extensive list contains suggested items- all items may not be necessary or required. Needs vary from person to person and each hunter best knows what they need to be prepared and comfortable. Click here for hunting gear recommendations.

Hunting List:
Hunting pack
Rifle + ammunition
Bow + accessories (arrows, broad heads, release, etc.)
Scope cover
Spotting scope + rangefinder (if desired)
Game Bags
Sharp hunting knife (buck and/or havalon, skinning/caping knife)
Waterproof outer layer (top + bottom)
2-3 changes of clothes
Base layers
Mid-layers for warmth
Plenty of socks & underwear
Warm hat + variety of gloves
Waterproof/resistant hiking boots
Note: there is no legal requirement for hunters to wear orange in Alaska.

Additional Information:

Hunting & fishing licenses can be purchased at ADF&G, you will just want to be sure you purchase them in time to receive your locking tags in the mail. If not, they can be purchased in Kodiak, you will just have to make sure there is time in between your flights.

Alcohol must be purchased in Kodiak because it cannot be purchased in Larsen Bay. Once you arrive in Kodiak and check in at Island Air, guests can typically use the Island Air shuttle to travel to and from the local liquor store and/or Big Ray’s for licenses (if they are not purchased online).

Recommended gratuity is 10%-15% (approx. $250 per person) for the fishing guide, hunting transporter, and cook/housekeeping.